The "Synthetic Cave and Tunnel Systems" dataset

This site offers for download, with the broadly open ETALAB v2.0 license ( local copy ), a set of triangulations and point clouds modeling a cave system and a tunnel system at various "resolutions". This dataset was conceived as a data tool for the study, evaluation and calibration of algorithms working on 3D triangulation and/or point cloud datasets.

The files are available under the

Tunnel systems

The files are located in the Tunnel subdirectory

Cave systems

Technical notes

3DTiles refering to a CRS

3dTiles format does not allow to specify a CRS (Coordinate Reference System). Different geographical placements (or positionnings) are thus offered depending on the main "tileset.json" entrypoint that you consider. In other terms the only difference between the following different entrypoints e.g.

resides in their `transform` entries each of which refers to the associated and documented CRS. Note: you can refer to this documentation on how to produce your geographical context positionnal configuration of the cave.

(Re)Generating the files

In order to generate the files from scracth, refer to the Ribs reproducibility recipee.